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This is a listing of weblog (aka. diary or news) software which is OpenSource and doesn't require a SQL backend.

MatthewThomas (from NewZealand I discovered) talks about the perfect weblog. A good check list of things to consider.

Python Based

No web GUI but supports XML-RPC and has a command line client

News Bruiser

PyBlosxom (Blosxom clone)

(clone of Textile's markup)

Simple Python Blog

Based on Berkeley DB XML, looks interesting.

PHP Based

La News Factory

Nice, simple. Looks like a worthy sucessor to *oxsom.

MMS Diary
(Mobile Blog Software)

My Journal

My Own Diary

News Poster
(Newsposter has the following features and functions: comments, themes and topics, RDF/RSS 1.0, one-way NNTP gateway, multi-user, multilingual, search function, hashed passwords, login per LDAP directory, different user rights, mail protocols, marking of new and old postings, UBB code, data storage in "mbox" format, UTF-8 support, etc.)


Phosxom (Blosxom clone)

(Blosxom clone)

Project Steve Guttenberg

An enhanced version of PHPosxom, deals with static site content and other more general CMS issues then blogs typically tackle. Nice.

Perl Based


(pronounced "blossom" or "blogsum") The defacto no-database Perl blog. Lots and lots of plugins and very widely used. Note Blosxthis by Myles for emailing blog entries.

Grey Matter

Monster Hash

Moveable Type
(free as in beer but not as in freedom) -- GeneMerrill

Ruby Based

Looks really nice but hard to tell site is in Japanese ( for those who can't read Japanese --GeneMerrill)

Java Based

Roller Weblogger
Note this was added by an anonymous source, will remove because it appears to require SQL.

Blojsom (yet another Blosxom clone)

Bash Based

Clog (Cory's bLOG)

(BashShell) A quite nice blog, lacking some features though. -- CoryWebb


(BashShell) Quite a full featured and pretty all shell blog.


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