Ever since InternetAlaska bought two F230's in 1997 I've been professionally using, and loving, NetworkAppliance file serverse. Originally I only used them for the NFS side of things and I never had to delve off into the CIFS worlds. Later at PixelWorks and WetaDigital we required MicrosoftWindows interoperability and this was quite a learning experience.

Here are some nice little tricks I've been picking up along the way (bearing in mind that future releases of DataOnTap my make them irrelevant):

Allow SSH but Disallow Telnet

The trick to this is using the number zero ("0") with the telnet.hosts option.

See also: http://now.netapp.com/Knowledgebase/solutionarea.asp?id=3.0.588777.2547210&resource=

User Mapping

Allows you to define custom user mapping rules between Windows and Unix users. Very very handy.
NT_DOMAIN\Administrator == root
If put in the usermap.cfg, this line sets the Windows "Administrator" command to be equivelent to the Unix "root" user.
options wafl.nt_admin_priv_map_to_root on
This makes all Windows users in the "Domain Admin" group map to the Unix "root" user.
cifs.nfs_root_ignore_acl on
This gives the Unix root user god like permissions on any files.
wcc -u ashand
Shows the NT name that the Unix name "ashand" maps to.
wcc -s ashand
Shows the Unix name that the NT name "ashand" maps to.

Setting up NIS

Another first for me, setting up a filer to interoperate with a NIS domain (see UsingNis).

Setting up Quotas

Other Useful Pieces

Useful Tools and Utilities

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